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Sometime what you hear is not what you think

Imagine what will it be like if two young kids will have sex. I find this image on the net and I can’t help laughing how naive kids are, so cute though D




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30 days and a calendar just for you
would i know? do you know?
how will you love?
how do you love?

i’ve thrown love right at you
the angels can see it..
there was once eyes that always looks at you
but you never knew..

words that keep on telling you
but your voice.. silent
hands that keep on feeling you
but your world.. stood-still

soundless, sealed and untroubled
still a mystery
i wanna know, the heart I loved so hard
how do you love?

there’s this place where you’ve been living
a place you will always be
will you ever know?
the truth that I found, will always be the truth you hide


Lines inspired by Collective Souls – How do you love. Got hooked to this song lately.. So good! By the way I got the widget from e-snips, wordpress doesn’t allow direct copying of codes but this will do.

DOTA AllStars v6.46 – Download


At last v6.46 is now ready.. listed below is the latest game change logs.

Download dota allstars v6.46

Link 1

Link 2

6.46 Changelogs:

* Reduced overall bandwidth used in games
* Fixed a big exploit
* Improved Waaagh!TV compatibility
* Fixed a potential issue in -dmar and respawning
* Fixed a bug with the recent recoding of Death Pulse that causes it to hit invisible units
* Lots of internal coding improvements to get it to a stable state
* Reduced Greater Hawk’s movement speed
* Added a timer in -rd/-xl/-lm to show you how much time you have left to pick your hero
* Fixed various fatal error potential issues
* Fixed Land Mines doing a little less damage than advertised
* Fixed a bug with Battle Hunger that caused it to sometimes fail to detect the hero killing with a couple abilities
* You can now disassemble Helm of the Dominator (157261)
* Rewrote how swaphero works, all old glitches with swaphero are now fixed (You can use -swap instead of -swaphero as well). You can now also select more than one hero to swap with.
* Fixed a bug that changed Bloodseeker’s model scale up
* Fixed Suicide Squad, Attack! from killing wards
* Improved Medusa’s Intelligence Growth
* Lots of misc glitches fixed
* Added new icons for Reincarnation, Berserker’s Blood, Life Break, Remote Mines and Conjure Image (142075, snork, eva00r)
* Fixed a workaround that still allowed flying courier to steal base items
* Fixed some buff stacking issues with Malefice
* Changed Rabid icon
* Improved some lag problems that happened with nature’s attendants
* Fixed a bug with Enchant that sometimes caused it to slow the converted unit
* Fixed Wall of Replica from working on Meepo’s clones
* Added overhead text to show how much damage Test of Faith does
* Lowered Replicate mana cost
* Adjusted Tree Respawn code to not respawn if a hero is standing near it, as to not accidentally trap it.
* Fixed a bug with BKB that caused heroes with full ability card (like nevermore) to lose access to one ability during Avatar if done in a certain order.
* Fixed some lag problems with various abilities
* Added an ability to the Circle of Power to allow you to freeze an allied hero that has left the game (to prevent him from being killed due to things like Thundergod’s Wrath)
* Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear in -dm with -nd on that caused the bear to not restore the bear’s items (this is only a bug with -nd)
* Lightning Grapple no longer pulls creeps (temporary solution for some creep abuse, better ai will be attached in the future so they can resume their path properly)
* Fixed an exploit that is possible with Surge
* Fixed Arcane Orb from dealing bonus damage to Warlock’s Infernal
* Fixed a bug with stun chance on level 1-3 Chaos Bolt
* Fixed Vacuum from working on BKB’d units

Source: www.getdota.com

DOTA AllStars v6.37(League/Stable Map) – Download


Download Dota AllStars v6.37

Link 1

Link 2

DOTA AllStars v6.45 AI – Download


Latest DOTA AI – Choose from 88 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients.

Game Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -rd, -mm, -xl -dm, -tr, -vr, -rv, -mr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -sc, -np, -om, -nt, -nm, -nb, -ns

Download DOTA AllStars v6.45 AI → Here

DOTA AllStars v6.45 (Updated) – Download


Download it NOW!

Link 1

Link 2


* Recoded Avatar on Black King Bar to fix various engine bugs (control loss, model glitches, etc)
* Fixed Lightning Storm tooltip
* Increased Barrier cooldown
* Improved cast range on Lightning Grapple
* Surge no longer purges target
* Increased Laser mana cost from 95/110/120/145 to 95/120/145/170
* Rebalanced Refraction
* Reduced the slow effect on Dirge’s Plague
* Remade Pit Lord’s ultimate
* Fixed Death Timer showing up after game is over
* Nightstalker’s Crippling Fear now has a minor effect during the day
* Added an extra bounce to Scepter upgraded Chain Frost
* Lowered Meld mana cost
* Increased Templar’s base attack range by 10
* Increased Refraction cooldown a little
* Fixed minor display glitch with -di
* Reduced Primal Split manacost from 150/225/320 to 125/175/225 and increased duration from 15 seconds to 15/20/25
* Improved Acid Spray AOE and Cast Range by 75
* Increased Drow’s Silence AOE from 250 to 275
* Added new icon for Storm (148340)
* Improved Dragon Knight’s Agility base and growth
* Lowered Overgrowth mana cost from 200/250/300 to 150/175/200
* Fixed Overgrowth to work on units in fog
* Changed Vengeful Spirit’s Terror hotkey to E
* Improved Nightstalker cast animation time
* Fixed the canceling of Clarity Potion bug on Death Pulse
* Scroll of Town Portal can now target the World Tree/Throne
* Improved Sniper’s Agility growth a bit
* Changed level 3 Chemical Rage Base Attack Cooldown from 1.25 to 1.20
* Improved Frost Armor
* Issues with droppable BKB resolved, it can now be dropped
* Reduced mana cost on Death Pact slightly
* Rebalanced Voodoo Restoration
* Fixed -unstuck bug at the end of the game
* Fixed some bugs with the display names of the courier killer
* Improved Vladmir’s Offering recipe tooltip
* Fixed various Flying Courier tooltip errors
* Increased Vulture model size a bit
* Fixed Shadow Priest appearing in allstr and allagi
* Vastly increased Eyes in the Forest cast range
* Fixed the heal on Dirge’s Zombies from canceling Clarity Potion
* Fixed various terrain glitches
* Changed Shadow Word damage type to Magical from Pure but adjusted the damage so it remains the same (unless you have extra magic resistance). The overall dps hasn’t changed much, only its mechanics with different bonus resistances.
* Added code to prevent Couriers with invulnerability shield from entering enemy fountain areas to steal items
* Rewrote Smoke Screen to fix various minor visual glitches
* The time hero left at is now shown in -ma (146489)
* Fixed Ring of Basilius tooltip when you change its operating mode
* Fixed Stygian Desolator buff icon
* Changed Raise Revenant icon
* Added Victory Animations for units at the end of the game (150018)
* Clarified Gravekeeper’s Cloak tooltip
* Rewrote Battle Hunger to fix an engine buff conflict with Gush and Hunger at same time
* Fixed various minor leaks
* Prioritized 2xror over roh in if you have all 3 in your inventory when creating Hood of Defiance so it doesn’t use up your RoH
* Improved Living Armor a bit
* Fixed various other tooltip errors
* Clarified Eclipse tooltip
* Changed the Rock Golems that spawn in pairs (the ones that aren’t in the ancient spawn points) to non-ancient type
* Fixed Sange and Yasha Maim buff icon
* Added new icons for Aftershock, Plague Wards, Overload and Grapple (thanks snork,Faust-,^SnakeZer0,1Raven and eva00r)
* Removed the dispell effect from Overload (too many undesired effects from both sides to be passively occuring)
* Bloodstone now gives you bonus health and mana regeneration for each charge it has on it.
* Added new command -hideheronames to disable the new hero name display in chat functionaly. This is useful when you are trying to squelch someone and bnet won’t let you.

DOTA AllStars v6.44 AI – download


Version: 6.44b
File Size: 2.37mb
File Type: w3x (application)

Estimate Download Times:
– Modem [56.6 kpbs]: < 1m
– Cable/DSL [768 kpbs]: < 1m
– T1 [1544 kpbs]: < 1m

Φ Get it here Φ